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AjoCredit is a peer to peer saving app where a group of friends and family come together to save money daily, weekly or monthly.

AjoCredit allows you create a saving group and invite your friends and trusted persons to join your group.

Each group created would have a Moderator who receives and checks confirmation of each contribution made.

Payout slots in each Ajo group are alloted according to how Contributions are received by the Moderator at the beginning of each ajo Round. Moderator/Admin members however take priority in slot allocation in each of the Rounds if they are participating. Members are also free to swop slots as long as there’s an agreement between the participants involved and same communicated to the group’s Moderator.

In an Ajo Group, peers come together to save equal amounts daily, weekly or monthly for a stipulated duration. Members of the group take turns to take the lump sum of the contributions daily, weekly or monthly.

Our Scheme and Duration:

N1,000 weekly contribution(weekly payout/duration determined by no.of participants)

– N5,000 weekly contribution(weekly payout/duration of 6 months, 24 participants and 2 Rounds/a year )

– N5,000 Monthly contribution (Monthly payout/10 – 12months duration)

-N50,000 Monthly contribution (Monthly payout/10 – 12months duration)

-N100,000 Monthly contribution (Monthly payout/10 – 12 months duration)

-N200,000 Monthly contribution (Monthly payout/10 – 12months duration)

In AjoCredit App, it is ensured that all participants are trusted people and an E-personal details form is filled and submitted by all participants. As such no member picks and run!

AjoCredit groups are designed to benefit trustworthy and goal driven people, with the desire to make impact and be financially stable while saving with peers.


Save and Invest for a positive course and build a great reputation.

We are together in this, should you have any questions,
kindly send an email to , our support team is always ready to help.